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Terms of Service

Please read all these terms and conditions. These are primarily for clients.

1. Acknowledgement

By accessing, viewing Clara’s Escort Agency pages or arranging to meet one of our Escorts you acknowledge that you are 18 years old or older; that the services you access, and that you consent to view material that may contain sexual and/or explicit sexual content of adult nature.

There is a search facility on our website where you can view our Escorts by location.

2. Escorts 

All our Escorts are not employed by Clara’s Escorts. They work independently but have chosen to be listed on our website. Adult services are matters between you as the client and your chosen Escort.

3. Original Photos

Clara’s Escorts only uses genuine and actual photos of their Escorts. Please understand that when some of our Escorts have their face covered, it is so that they will not be recognized.

4. Respect

We take care of the psychiatric health of our Escorts by permanently and intensively supporting them. However, we kindly ask you, as our honoured client, to also take care of our Escorts so that in future they will also have fun in their part-time job. We expect respectful handling of our Escorts. Only this will create perfect harmony. If an Escort declines your request for a service she doesn’t offer, it means NO. Please accept that. Should any of our Escorts be abused, we will undertake all necessary legal steps. Unpleasant occurrences will be registered and sent to the blacklist.

Furthermore, please note that our Escorts do not give their private numbers and refuse to meet you privately without the agency. Therefore, please do not ask! By doing that, you don’t do our Escorts a favour.

5. Discretion

Our customers can rely on Clara’s Escorts for absolute discretion. Any data, which is gathered for necessary payments and arrangements will not be filed, electronically stored or used in any other way except for the purpose of handling the necessary transactions.

6. Booking

You can arrange an appointment with one of our Escorts by e-mail, by phone, by text messaging or by means of our online chat facility. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

For the security of our Escorts, we require: 

– your name (no need for a surname in most cases)

– the exact address of the meeting point (by hotels we also require your room no.)

– your phone number or if a hotel, the hotel number. So that we can confirm the meeting back.

7. Services

Clara’s Escorts website provides dating service for adults. Services provided to you are based on the Escorts sole discretion.

8. Fees

Fees advertised are to be paid to the Escort in cash, however some may accept bank transfer.

9. Cancellation

If you have to cancel, please call us in advance. We normally do not charge for cancellation of appointments. Should the escort already be on her way (outcall booking) we will kindly ask for a £50 fee.

10. Payments

The financial part has to be done within the first 10 minutes of your appointment, directly with the Escort.

11. Complaints

In the unlikely event of you being unhappy with your chosen Escort or her service, please contact us immediately so that we can intervene. After the appointment, we are not able to react, however, any complaints are taken very seriously and it helps us improve our outstanding service.

12. Suggestions

We aim to please and would welcome any feedback or suggestion. Please do not hesitate to contact us by any method provided on the website.

Taxi Charges

Taxi Charges

Cancellation Fees

Cancellation Fees

If you have booked an escort and you decide to cancel their will be a £50 cancellation fee.

Payment Method

Payment Method

Payment is primarily CASH ONLY, however some of our ladies accept bank transfers.

If in doubt ask your chosen escort prior to booking.